La Luna

La Luna Dance Center ASD is an italian non-commercial association whose goals have been achieved since 1985 through the promotion and teaching of dance of all kinds with more than 700 members per year from 4 years to adulthood, making use of a staff of twenty teachers residents (many of whom trained within the Association itself) and a network of collaborations with artists from prestigious international companies such as Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Martha Graham Company, Momix, Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Ezralow Company, Cullberg Ballet, Teatro alla Scala, Vaganova Academy, Laban Center, Folkwang Hochschule, Alvin Ailey Center, Trisha Brown Company, Broadway Dance Center, Rock Steady Crew.

La Luna activities consist of the establishment of weekly dance courses, in-depth workshops, the build up of dance groups for the creation of shows, productions, the organization of artistic and sporting events, the teaching of the history of dance, the projection of movies, the establishment of annual dance exams, release scholarships, trips for exhibitions and competitions, artistic residences and numerous events that promote the cultural growth of the dance community, the aggregative spirit, the sharing of experiences and the enhancement of diversity.

The Association also creates and promotes charitable initiatives. Since September 2004, La Luna Dance Center has remotely adopted a Vietnamese child through the International ActionAid International Association; since 2009, he has joined the Social Services project of the Municipality of Ancona “Sportinsieme” to give children with difficult socio-economic conditions the opportunity to participate in the Association’s sports and cultural activities, welcoming them completely free of charge. Furthermore, the Association La Luna Dance Center often organizes or participates in initiatives for charitable purposes by supporting causes or voluntary organizations (AISM, IOM, Unicef, Ospedale Salesi etc.) through more than 60 events per year.

Our philosophy

  1. I AM LA LUNA: if La Luna is what it is, it owes it to the passion of all those who love it, so students, teachers, staff and parents are all part of a large family.
  2. MANY STYLES, ONE FAMILY: if authentic dance is worthy of respect in all its forms: whether it is academic or street, professional or amateur, at La Luna we dedicate the right attention for children or adults dancers.
  3. DANCE IS ART: dance is much more than just movement. By choosing the dance for La Luna, we choose the path of art by opening our hearts to the wonders of life.
  4. ART HAS MANY SHAPES: at La Luna everyone knows that dance is only one of the forms of art and that it is important to keep open to all the other arts to stimulate the imagination and avoid any form of closure.
  5. CURIOSITY IS LIFE: at La Luna we all cultivate our curiosity for everything that surrounds us, deepening with humility what we learn and always looking for new inspirations
  6. DIVERSITY AS TREASURE: every human being has its own authenticity and who comes from our own city or the other side of the planet will always have something to teach us.
  7. “WHATEVER YOU ARE THINKING YOU ARE BECOMING”: this sentence by the boxer Mohamed Ali helps us to understand that with our attitude we condition our future for better or for worse and that if we really believe in it, nothing is impossible.
  8. IN AND OUT: to the lessons we dedicate our utmost concentration but leaving open every possibility of collaboration and contamination with what happens outside. The time we spend in the dance hall has the same value as what we spend communicating with friends or collaborators.
  9. KNOWING US, TRAINS US: knowing what is behind a movement, a style and the culture of which it is part through the history of choreographers or dancers helps us to perfect our dance, to understand its meaning, to formulate personal opinions and to be excellent spectators.
  10. SHARE LA LUNA: by applying these rules and helping newcomers to understand them with kindness and availability we can all contribute to making La Luna remain our beloved house of dance.